I am dedicated to the figurative, but I always try to put more than realism in my works, seeking the perspective of the emotional and psychological through visual enigmas and the exploration of color, compositions and abstractions.

In my drawings and paintings, I usually evoke the presence of nature elements, mixed with the human essence in aesthetically, well elaborated figurative forms.

Since 2018 I dedicate myself to personal projects or commissions that have artistic relevance with creative freedom. Previously, after graduating from art school, for more than 15 years I worked producing illustrations, conceptual art, graphic novels, book covers and other creative works.

Vagner Vargas Art

Participation summary

2018 to present – Personal projects in exploration and development of new series

2021 – Participation in the Art Exhibition “XVII Mostra de Arte do Vale do Paraíba, Região Serrana e Litoral Norte” by the Historical Museum of Taubaté – SP – Brazil

2008 to 2017 – Devir Brazil – Cover illustrations and other editorial projects with fantastic and sci-fi themes

2009 to 2016 – Editora Moderna – Didactic, educational illustrations and editorial projects

2015 – Participation of Comic Con Experience – SP – in the autograph table with launch of the book Shiroma by Roberto Causo, by Devir Brasil

2013 – Participation in the exhibition “IX Mostra de Arte do Vale do Paraíba, Litoral Norte e Região Serrana” by the Taubaté Historical Museum

2011 – Beginning of my participation in the fictional universe “GalAxis” by writer Roberto Causo

2009 – Invited to speak about editorial illustration at the launch event of the collection Rumo à Fantasia, at the Viriato Corrêa Library in São Paulo

2009 – Participation in the exhibition “II Exposição de Artes Livre como um Pássaro” at the Taubaté Cultural Center with guest artists.

2007 – Exhibition “Waste from the Fantastic”, held within the events FantastiCom 2007 and 14th International RPG Meeting.

2005 – Signed a contract with Editora Pergaminho de Portugal for the edition of the work “Mandalas – 32 Caminhos de Sabedoria” for publication in Portugal and Spain

2005 – Participation in the jury of the art competition “I Salão de Arte Integrada UNAARP” – Peruíbe – SP

2004 – Participation in the exhibition “Flores IV – Primavera” – Galeria La Gioconda – Mexico

2004 – Participation in the exhibition “Visão da Sociedade Brasileira” at Cultural Blue Life – São Paulo

2004 – Signed a contract with Editora Pensamento for the work “Mandalas – 32 Caminhos de Sabedoria” – a project with the arts of mandalas created with the writer Celina Fioravanti.

2003 – Project Arcanjos – Mestres da Luz, Complete project of the illustrated book in partnership with the writer Celina Fioravanti

2003 – Completion of the “Brincando com” collection by Editora Global, having developed, in addition to illustrations, the complete graphic project for 20 educational children's books

2003 – Launch of the work “Mandalas – How to Use the Energy of Sacred Drawings” with CD-Rom and animations, a project created together with the writer Celina Fioravanti – publisher Pensamento

2002 – Launch of the Obra Tarô Místico, a project created together with the writer Celina Fioravanti – publisher Pensamento

1999 – Participation in the Exhibition Ases da Capa – Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo

1997 – Exhibition of Fantastic Art and Illustration and speaker about science fiction illustration at the event Interiorcon – SP

1996 – Winner of the “Nova Award” for Illustration

1995 – Participation in the Taubaté Spring Art Exhibition

1995 – Solo Exhibition Fantastic Art and Illustration – Taubaté Shopping

1993 – Beginning of collaboration for Innovation Books in the United States, with illustrations for covers and illustrated comic book pages

1993 – Participation in the First Regional Art Exhibition of Taubaté

1992 – Beginning of activities in science fiction illustration, being hired to illustrate Star Trek book covers for Brazil – Editora Aleph

1991 – First participation for Ground publishing company, with which I collaborated for more than 10 years with several significant editorial works, such as illustrations, covers and special projects.

1991 – Participation in the Art Exhibition "XIII Salão de Artes Plásticas de Taubaté"

1990 – Beginning of activities as an illustrator with the first commission, drawing and painting of a poster for cultural events – Secretary of Sports and Tourism of the State of São Paulo.

1989 – Art Course at the Liceu de Artes e Ofícios de São Paulo


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